Health: Women and Weight

by tybmmjourno

I have been observing over the past few months the  obsession with Aishwarya Rai Bachhan’s post pregnancy weight but don’t seem to understand the fuss surrounding it. The media is busy calling her names like “Auntyji”, “Gol Bachhan” etc. Namarata Zakaria a columnist on the Indian Express entertainment page criticizes her for not having legs like Suzanne Roshan and Gauri Khan. I want to remind her that they had their kids years ago.

I am absolutely aghast and disgusted with the media’s reaction to this. I feel it is absolutely a person’s choice how to be. In this case Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.  I too want to see her back on screen soon in a swelte avatar , but that certainly does not mean that it has to happen precisely at the time her fans want it to happen.

My opinion on Aishwarya  is very different in this matter. I think she carried herself brilliantly  as a glamorous new mother at the cannes film festival this year. I want to point out that not all her outfits were worn to hide her weight. This clearly shows in the shot where she is sporting a beautiful blue Ellie Saab gown on the red carpet. The gown was figure hugging and certainly it did not hide as much as it should have. I am yet to see an actress who carries herself so confidently and elegantly on the red carpet post motherhood and I wonder why the media hasn’t been able to see Aishwarya  Rai  Bachhan in this light. Hollywood actresses like have taken huge maternity breaks and returned to red carpets only after shedding the weight, not many have had the guts to strutt a gown with the kilos on.

On a general level i feel this obsession to shed post partum weight quickly   and to look swelte is conpletely hyped by the media. Women are feeling highly uncomfortable these days and paranoid about their bodies due to this which is very sad. Every woman has the right to loose or gain weight as per her convinience and wish. Moreover the media needs to accept that actresses are also women at the end of the day and it is common sense that a woman gains weight during pregnancy.

I really admire the way Aishwarya has dealt and is dealing with all the media barbs. She has dealt it with utter dignity and a highly necessary indifference . I think she is an inspiration to the millions of women in the same state as her. In my opinion women must chuck this paranoia, enjoy motherhood and take their own time to loose weight.