FOOD – BadeMiya Subhanallah !

by tybmmjourno

What’s good about not having a knife at a tasty restaurant? You get to lick your fingers. And I was lucky enough to try that last Saturday at Bademiya. After lifting the sticky mutton seekh kabab to my lips and biting it to the tender morsel I fell victim to Bademiya’s appeal.
It has an informal atmosphere and is one of the most crowded eating joints at South Mumbai. Despite of its unsual opening hours i.e. 7 pm it manages to get the entire Mumbai crowd on its door step. I was seated inside a large showroom turned restaurant, with a narrow opening in the front, right infront of the Bademiya stall. Three months back when I had come here, I was seated on the table that was put on the roadside as that time there was no other option. Either people sit in their car and eat (most preferred) or stand around the main stall and eat. Infact there is a little history attached to the seating of Bademiya. Years back Jamal Shaikh, the owner of Bade miya had rented this same showroom from a Sheikh based in Dubai at the start of his business. After a while he had to return the place back to Sheikh and was left with no place to seat his customers. But he did not give up. He carried on with his business while seating his customers on the roadside and the customers didn’t seem to mind that. And today he has the place back to him again! And now a huge seating area was available with the quickest service and the most friendly staff. On a busy night you might have to wait on the road but with no regrets. .
A very spohisticated looking lady seated right next to me had come up with her three very young daughters and it was delightful to see these angel looking faces enjoy in this ‘desi’ atomosphere of Bademiya. With a very simple and desi touch Bademiya manages to get all the big brats of the city in complete awe of its food. Though every single item in the menu is worth a try..tonight was the night of kababs and chicken bhuna for me. The waiter first came up with the galawati kababs dressed with onions and green chattani, topped with coriander, priced at Rs.140 per plate.. The most amazing kebabs ever melted in my mouth as soon as they were there. Then was time for chicken bhuna that was served in a burning hot bowl. The smell could take you for a trip to the Tundays,Lucknow which is said to have the best chicken and kebabs in the country. Infact I wonder sometimes that why Bademiya fascinates me is because I belong to the land of Avadh and Avadhi food, and Bademiya undoubtedly has an Avadhi touch to it. I grabbed the chicken bhuna with a rumali roti directky from the bowl, without serving it on my plate. Surprised? Well that is the trend at Bademiya..though you are not bound to follow but only to have a feel of the food.
The rush outside and inside with the waiters running all over the place, large but happy ques outside caught my attention sometimes but it wasn’t enough to draw me away from the food.
After taking that last bite I ordered for the cheque. My waiter barked at the chefs as he waddled up to my table. He gave me a candy, the check, and a smile. He said, “Thank you,” hope to see you soon. And I believed him.
Bademiya is located opposite Gokul Bar and Restaurant, near the Gateway of India,Colaba,South Mumbai. Open on all days from 7pm-1am. Free home delivery available. Does not accept reservations. First come first served basis.
It has no other branches.