Lack of basic facilities in BMC schools

by tybmmjourno


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) schools in Mumbai are in a pathetic state. The students studying in those schools are deprived of facilities they require. Most of the schools are only up to class VII. The children dressed in blue and white, are not given quality education and are deprived of facilities like toilet, library, computer facilities and many more. Though students  have to be given  27 items that they are entitled to, sometimes the students are even deprived of those 27 items. Some of these items include text books, notebooks, uniform, boots, socks, bags, tiffin box, water bottle, compass box, colour box, painting brush, raincoat ( during rainy season), two pens, two pencils (black and white) ribbons etc.

Also the toilets in those schools are very badly maintained and unhygienic. On asking a child studying in one of these schools said, “We are twenty students in totality in class while last year we were twenty seven. She also added that toilets in the school are very dirty and though there are two toilets for boys and two for girls only one toilet is available. She also said that they get mid-day meals everyday but she does not eat because the last time she ate, she found worms in the food. She also complained that though there are toilets in schools they are not cleaned daily and there is no water in the toilets. “And that is the reason I refrain from going to toilets in my school”, she added.

“The classrooms are also in a very bad state. Sometimes due to heavy rainfall the roof is often pouring and it gets difficult for us to write .”she added.

 Children also complained that the teacher asked them to find out answers for twenty five questions and if they didn’t find they need not come to school the next day. And that is one reason they are afraid to go to school.

Students studying in other BMC schools said that they didn’t even have toilets in schools and if they  had to go to toilets, they had to go to public toilets which is at a five minute distance from their school. Recently, when one girl went to go the toilet she didn’t return. The classmates said that the girl has not yet been found. The parents of the girl have no clue to where their daughter is, this is not the first  time the students added.

The way the teachers are trained also influences the learning of the student. There should be well trained teachers and their needs also need to be noticed.  The number of teachers in school is also another problem.  

Another problem is drinking water. Though the students of these schools are provided with drinking water, they lack purifiers.

The Right to Education Act has definitely helped children but some children are still deprived of their basic facilities. The act has its loopholes as there are students who have still been deprived of facilities they deserve. Though the students are provided with mid-day meals they still drop out of schools as the food is unhygienic. The toilets in these schools need to be cleaned daily. Education is a must and unavailability of  basic necessities should not be the reason for drop out of students. The students shouldn’t be deprived of their needs. As Nelson Mandela rightly said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”