Doctors- The Modern Day Yamdut?

by tybmmjourno

‘Doctor, Bhagwan ka roop hota hai!’ A dialogue commonly used in Hindi films during the 80’s and 90’s was taken into a literal sense once upon a time, but in today’s day and age, where deaths caused either by the negligence of the doctors or the illegal methods used by them, makes me wonder if a doctor can be bracketed with God. Are our lives safe in their hands?
Cases such as the Warsi Hospital case, Mumbra, where the death a young woman, aged 22, mainly due to the doctor not being qualified, created a serious doubt and fear in the minds of many, especially when it comes to visiting a private clinic. Zulekha Shiekh, as per reports learned how to treat patients, by observing other doctors. On further investigation it was found that Sheikh did not even go to school, keep aside having a degree. The nurse and the ward boy of the 13-bed hospital were her standard X pass daughter and class XI son, who was studying science. In another case, a 20 year old woman from Virar died eight days after giving birth to her son. At the time of the birth, there were a couple of MBBS students and a midwife present, no senior doctor, who had mistaken the placenta to be a twin and forcibly pulled it out. In both the cases the cause of the death was uterine inversion and massive blood loss. The Civic body’s Maternal Death Committee is probing both the cases.
In the fourth episode of Satyamev Jayate, it was revealed that doctors dealt with medical malpractices. It also shed light on incidents, where a family lost the life of a loved one due to a forced surgery and many other patients were being misled about their ailment. This revelation left many of us wondering, if we would go to a doctor with the same trust as we did and if the doctors are just faffing around and trying to manipulate the situation to make it look serious or they are treating us for real.
Doctors are defending them with absurd statements as well. In the Warsi Hospital case, the so called doctor, Zulekha Sheikh defended herself by stating that the death of the 22- year- old was a ‘small mistake’ and ‘she was an experienced doctor with no qualification’. Another statement made by doctors, with regards to Satyamev Jayate was, ‘all that was shown was wrong and rubbish’!
With doctors opting for illegal methods, manipulating patients in order to earn more money, working without any degrees and qualifications, mistakes or negligence leading to deaths of patients, how can a patient trust a doctor? The death of an individual caused due to carelessness and negligence- a small mistake? This itself shows how important is the life of a human being to such doctors who adopt such means, without any guilt. A Doctor is considered to be a professional who is trained to serve and heal the society. Due to some of the doctors who opt for fraudulent ways, all doctors are now being looked upon. Is this leading to a transformation of image, from ‘The Giver of Life’ to the ‘Modern Day Yamdut’? For most of us, doctors may look like ‘Yamduts’ from now on and for some they already are!