by tybmmjourno


 Though efforts have been taken to  improve the conditions of women, women  are still not considered safe. There are several crimes done against women almost every day. Some of them would include murders, dowry deaths, molestation cases, sexual harassment and many more. Crime against women is on an increase. And yet many cases of crime against women have gone unreported in our country. Every day there are stories of  rape in the newspaper. States like Madhya Pradesh  has the highest number of  rape cases. Delhi  takes the top place in cases of rape as well and is known as an unsafe city.

Rape is the one of the fastest growing crime in our country. Women are sexually assaulted and raped. There are cases of raped mentioned every day. On July 9 there was an article reported in The Times Of India where an auto rickshaw driver raped his friend’s wife and kept her hostage for six days. He black mailed her of making  public nude pictures of her which were shot by him. The report says that the driver raped the women several times. The women did not return home that  night. On returning home after six days she narrated the story to her husband and her husband filed a case against the auto rickshaw driver. Yet there are many cases which go unreported as said earlier. This shows the law and order  the situation where instead of finding ways of stopping such crimes they are becoming worse day by day.

There were several other cases mentioned in the last few months. In Latur, a 14 year old girl was raped and killed by four men. In Konark, four men were charged of dragging  a woman out of the bus and raping her. On filing a report the victims are showed apathy and the punishments of the convict would be a day in jail. The reason of the increasing rates is because there is no strict action being taken. There are several other reports where  foreign tourists were assaulted and raped.

Despite of all this, the police still say “She asked for it. It’s all about money”.  They  believe that  it is the women who provoke men by dressing indecently. And women are blamed yet. As a result of the increase in the number of rapes women are hesitant to work late nights in many places. Comparatively Mumbai is considered to be more safer as compared to Delhi. Most of the convicts of rape go unpunished  because we instill fear in our hearts. It’s time we wake up and take a serious step.

 Another a question that comes up to my mind is when the cops in  the metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai are so insensitive what about the cops in the smaller cities and states?  India seems to be country where women are considered  safe but are actually not. The government needs to take some strict action or women  some years from now on will refrain from stepping out of their houses.