I know what you did “Last Friday Night”

by tybmmjourno

Vasant Dhoble : Khauf ya Kanoon ka Rakhwala

 By : Niyati Agrawal

Last Friday night,
Yeah, we danced on tabletops
And we took too many shots
Think we kissed but I forgot

Last Friday night
Yeah, we maxed our credit cards
And got kicked out of the bar
Yeah I think we broke the law
Last Friday night
(Last Friday Night by Katy Perry, Album Teenage Dream)

This Friday night
We are scared to go out after dark
Because Dhoble raids the bars
I want to party but I’m afraid to get caught

This Friday night
Lets don’t do it all again.

Yes, this is silently being played in all the pubs across the Mumbai city. The chances of getting caught while partying, has bought the city nightlife to a standstill. It’s the effect one single cop with a hockey stick can have.

Vasant Dhoble, the name has created a scare in the minds of the young party goers of the city. Colleges have known to cancel their fresher’s party with the fear of getting caught. “We want to give our juniors a party but are scared to do so. What if Dhoble raids the place we are at? Most of our juniors aren’t even adults”, says a second year student of a Mumbai suburb college.

The legal age of drinking in the city is 25. If an 18 year old is caught drinking then who is really at fault? Mr. Dhoble or the person drinking? Most of the pubs and discotheques do not have the required licenses. Quite a few teenagers are complaining that we aren’t getting to party anymore. A lot of above 25 people are complaining that since we don’t have drinking permits we will be caught. And then they say that Mr. Dhoble is ruining our night life.

If the laws of the city are read carefully and if some of his actions are observed then he is doing nothing that is outside the law. He is merely following it. True, his means and ways of doing it are wrong. He even termed a few girls as prostitutes, when they were not. But where is the blame actually to be put? WHAT he is doing or the WAY he is doing it.

A rally against Mr. Dhoble had been organized at Carter Road, Bandra. But why? For shutting down an eating joint that’s placed on a pavement and causes a lot of traffic on the road or for an overcrowded disco?

The laws are outdated. Amendments need to be made but is it going to happen over night? No. Any change of law takes time. Be the change to see the change. It is time that the people also started acting responsibly. They cannot just sit at home and keep blaming the people who are trying to do something right for once. A drinking permit that is valid for a lifetime takes a mere 1000 rupees. How difficult is it to get one? If one can spend huge amount on liquor then why not on a license. If a piece of paper is allowing you to drink then why not? Why blame someone else?

Pubs and discotheques should also get proper licenses and abide by the rules. No one gets joy in harming innocent people. We refuse to follow rules and then blame the institution when we get caught.

So, to those who are scared to party don’t be, if you are following the required rules. For those who aren’t following them “Beta party chodo aur jaldi so jao, warna Dhoble (aka Gabbar singh) aa jaayega”.