Sale Season.

by tybmmjourno

It all started on 5 of July, 2012, in the early morning as I woke up thinking what a blissful weekend I was going to have and sipping the glorious gift of coffee, I started going through the newspaper. As I go by the newspaper a lot of events have happened all over the world. As I come to the end of the paper, I see an advertisement, a big one, sprawled stretching over the entire page. It was a sale advertisement. It wasn’t an ordinary sale. It was an offseason brand sale with the likes of Zara, Vero Moda, Steve Madden, Mango etcetera. In that instant I knew the weekend wasn’t going to be a peaceful one.
Not that I am a shopper but I know of a few. Well calling them a shopper is an understatement; shopaholic would be the term I suppose and they are dear to me. So my weekend was going to be in a mall. Walking, pushing and moving from one shop to the other to help these dear ones with the perfect dress, shoes, accessories and the list goes on. The weekend was gone. Its fate had been decided.
This new realization dawns over me, I realize how little I know of this sale business yet again the sword of curiosity slashes through me. I decide to find about Sale. Well we all know that the sales are basically there to remove the stock. It’s done to keep the factories running, maintain market and provide employment to all those associated with the brand like any company does. But what gets my attention is the element of ‘need’ it creates in the consumer. We have been fed till our heads with the idea that we should show during the sale season. Though we all may deny it and say that, ‘I wait for the sale to come so that I can buy during the sale and save my money’. Generally we end up buying more then we intend to or end up feeling penniless seeing the crowds buying in and out of the stores. As I moved in and out of stores I realized that how well everyone from the food outlets, to the coffee lounges, to the stores and the crowd all moved in synchronization like a symphony and all the high notes you can hear in this symphony are ‘kching kching’. For example the Zara showroom at Phoenix looks like Bandra’s Hill road during the sale season, so much for the elites it caters for.
As for the idea of sale it’s a hard day’s job. It’s an old western thing heavily packed and promoted in an all new Indian way (talking only about India and not the east). It feels like a treasure hunt. Gathering and hunting through all we can see. Like our ancestors used to do in the primitive age for their survival. We, well we do it possibly to complete to fulfill the primitive urge cause we surely don’t need it for survival. I rest my case in humour.

TYBMM Journo