MUMBAI Monsoon ke rang!!

by tybmmjourno

Irritated by staying home on a day off due to heavy rainfall? Here are some facts and tips to beat rainy day blues…

Monsoon- a season which Mumbaikars eagerly await is here. After a delay of more than two weeks, it finally decided to give a visit to the Mumbai city; giving a break from the usual warm and humid weather.

Ignoring all other aspects the rain brings with it like the traffic disruptions, potholes and sewage problems; Mumbai during monsoons is certainly a place worth being in to have a life time of experience. Imagine Marine drive- the sound and fury of high tides playing in the background; the big waves come crashing against the concrete tetra-pods that protect the embankment, with droplets of water sprinkling on the onlookers; the boat rides (that is, if they operate-they stop during heavy rainfall) to Elephanta caves ; the Worli Seaface; the picturesque Gateway of India- when the entire monument lit with lights, is looked upon through a watery haze; the beautiful beaches- where all can you find this? True, the rains can intimidate a new comer in the city but if seen from the right attitude and been at the right place at the right time; every other place will be forgotten!
I personally love the smell of the earth when the first spell of rain hits it!

The Mumbai monsoon is an unbelievably worthwhile experience, but monsoon weather is often unpredictable. What begins as a mere shower may suddenly turn into a heavy downpour. The perfect amount of rain shower makes the yield of crops healthier and better. But this year, due to less rainfall in many areas of Maharashtra, rumors are making rounds that it is going to affect our crops and farmers very seriously and farmer suicides will again hit the roof.
The prices of agricultural commodities have jumped sharply in the past month, amid expectations of their output being hit this kharif season because of deficient monsoon rainfall. The India Meteorological Department has reported 30 per cent rain deficit so far. Water availability is also down by nearly 13 per cent as compared to the last year.

On the brighter side, romance and monsoon go hand in hand. While romance happens to a lucky few, the monsoon weather with its beauty makes one romance with life…literally!
When it rains, the first thought that comes to anyone’s mind is ‘Aah! What a beautiful, romantic weather!’ or about having a cup of hot tea with steamy spicy pakodas and samosas!
The pitter patter of the rain drops makes you see the environment from a completely different view. It amplifies everything and makes the nature more breath taking! It makes you want to fall in love all over again. The sight of an overcast sky and the raindrops tapping incessantly at the window glass is a delight to your ears as well as eyes!

The most romantic season of the year can also be doleful, especially if you’re cooped up at home while it pours cats and dogs outside. Being trapped at home on your day off after a long dreadful weekend can be a bummer even for the firmest optimist!
There are many ways to beat rainy day blues…

Here are few of my personal favorites to pep up D-Day:

  • Play some old as well as new collection of romantic songs as you sip a cup of ‘chai’ in the afternoon.
  • Prepare or get some nice, crunchy, steamy ‘bhajiyas’ with chutney of your choice (green/garlic) along with hot, sweet tea while chatting away with friends. They are best enjoyed in this weather.
  • Nothing beats having a movie marathon with close friends while snuggling under a blanket with a big tub of popcorn; watching legendary movie series like- Ice Age series, Dark knight, The Bourne Ultimatum series or if you want to see romantic, mushy movies, then A walk to remember , the Notebook or While you were Sleeping are a must-watch!
  • Go to a bhutta wala and have your favorite bhutta- ‘Spicy lemon’ or ‘Masala bhutta’ is a must try during this season!
  • You can also go to the nearest coffee place and enjoy a hot cup of cappuccino or mochaccino with ‘that’ special friend and enjoy as the rain drops spitter-spatter over the rooftop.
  • If you have friends to give you company, then arrange for an overnight pajama party; dance on famous dance numbers in the rain and enjoy the weather.
  • If you like to drive, then put on some great music on the stereo and go on a long drive to some nice resort or marine drive, when the rain subsides.
  • And my all time favorite -gathering around in a small room and sharing horror stories and personal encounters with the supernatural with friends at dusk!
  • If alone, sitting by the window; with the rain drops splattering over the window pane; a cup of hot chocolate in my hands with a good book to read is all I need and my day is made!