by tybmmjourno


In era of extremism, in the world’s largest democracy lives a man who in his own words is a “great dreamer”, “has a remarkable ability”, “is a realist”, “an idealist”, “has an excellent organizational capability”, “has a rich insight into human psychology”, “ with sheer strength of character and courage”. And who can know us more than ourselves. Narendra Modi has been an immensely interesting character in the history of Indian politics. Every individual seems to have some or the other opinion about this man i.e. the opinion can be ‘bad’ or ‘good’ but it cannot be ‘nil’. This can be due to a lot of  reasons, prior of them being that Modi has been a part of many matters that were of national importance. So what matters? Positive matters? Negative matters? Interestingly both. Where on one hand stand up the blooded Gujarat riots on the other lies Gujarat’s impeccable growth and development in the field of agriculture , technology and petrochemicals leading it to be there on the top. From this lets go back to why is it so important for the nation or for us to have ‘an opinion’ about this man. What role does he play or can he play in the working of this nation

According to the Time Magazine –“To his loyalists, Modi is a decisive leader deserving a bigger platform than Gujarat, deserving, indeed, of all India, and of the prime — rather than just a chief — ministership. Why he deserves it is the question. Can a man who was accused of the worst Hindu-Muslim violence in India since partition lead the country from the front wisely and fairly? He is said to dishonour the Muslims by rejecting shawls and caps they offer him as gifts. But this issue isn’t of much importance to Modi. According to him unity and development of a nation is much more important than religious peace. But this also doesn’t clearly state that he is against ‘religious peace’. Choosing one above the other does not make the latter meaningless or of no importance. It is about priorities and every individual has some. It is not always important to judge, it is just about making the right choice.

What makes us think about Modi as a link towards a prosperous India?  Gujarat’s 85 billion dollars economy and a well sufficient infrastructure in the field of education, agriculture  and technology can be an answer to that. Modi has a different ideology to bring a change. We all might strongly disagree with the methods adopted by the States to tackle terrorism after 9/11 but he has a different take on it. Responding to the problem of terrorism in the country, he says, “The government at the Centre has no will to tackle terrorism. It’s a demand of time to take strict action against terrorism which the United States did after 9/11 and since then terrorists didn’t dare to target the country”. ( Zee news, August 15, 2010.) he has his strict and hard rules to tackle things to which many may oppose but the result is mostly positive in all and Modi has proved it over time and again. Ratan Mani Lal, a senior freelance journalist,-  ‘it has always been difficult to give a fair opinion about Narendra Modi but going with India’s declining economy and rising poverty he is the call for the nation. We must deal with this and Modi is the best we have for this.”