The Nigerian film industry- NOLLYWOOD(review)

by tybmmjourno

The Nigerian film industry- NOLLYWOOD


Nigerian  cinema is Africa’s  largest film industry. Nigerian film industry is known as the Nollywood. Nollywood  has derived its name after Hollywood and Bollwood. It is the third film industry after Hollywood and Bollywood. The Nollywood films are not meant for the big screen. The movies are shot by digital video. There are many movies in the Nollywood industry some of them include This is NollywoodWelcome To Nollywood, Check Point and many more. These movies bring about their cultural identity whether they are paid attention or not. The directors and film producers make films which reflect their changing political and cultural climate. They also include current events. They revolve around corruption, comedy romance etc that is intended to an African audience.

These films are of low costs and are not recognized in many countries. Most of the movies are not produced in studios. The movies are shot by videos and  in homes, villages etc. People in those villages are very co operative with the actors. The people living in those villages are dependent  on the money that they receive after shooting. Most of the movies were shot in remote places. The  Nollywood actors like Bollywood and Hollywood actors face many problems. Some of the problems include  lack of electricity, weather change etc. Every movies brings out a different point of view that brings about a social cause.

 One of the Nollywood movie is the Check Point. The movie is an action movie. The movie was a nine- day shoot and a limited budget movie. The  movie focused on a single director’s view. The movie was a low budget movie and was made for common man and not meant to influence the western audience. The shoot had to face many challenges. The actors a were literally seen starring at each other  when they were idle as the shooting was interrupted due to problems. There were weather problems which ultimately lead to the stoppage for shooting. There was a point when a shoot had to be stopped for half a day as  Muslims who had to fast and prayed over loudspeakers during Ramadan.  Rain was another reason which lead to the stoppage of the shooting. The film was eventually completed in eleven days.
There were some scenes in the  movie Check Point which brought out entertainment among the audience. The director of the movie was very friendly with his actors and the same time expected work to be done on time. There was a scene in the movie where the actor was shot by the gun which was overdone. The scene in the movie actually made me laugh. The scene was neither looking natural nor serious. Another reason which led to the stoppage of the shoot was the problems the actors had with each other. Despite of all these problems the actors were very hard working and completed their shoot. The documentary had various members of the film making community discussing how various types of films made an impact on their lives and described the common difficulties that they face during their hectic shoot.