Food from Heaven

by tybmmjourno

Food. Well, which is the first thought that comes in your mind when you hear the word Food? Maybe of your favourite Chinese restaurant or mummy ke haath ki daal makhani or of the chaat across the street or an Italian restaurant hidden from the eyes of the general public. The list is endless. I, myself, boast of being a foodie and in my quest of finding a new venue stumbled onto this ‘place’ which, I must conclude, serves one of the best pav bhajis in Mumbai.
If I describe the pav bhaji it was something like this: the bhaji was clamoured with butter and cheese, and the pav was literally taken out from the depths of butter, I assume many of us would be able to guess that place. Where people rich or poor, pour in just to wet their hands in butter and a few extra pounds in their belly, where butter is generously glossed in every serving of the pav, this paradise of irresistible pav bhaji is the Sardar Centre.
As I was making my way to Sardar for experiencing as many of my friends say ‘a mouth-watering ,water dripping, stomach churning roller coaster ride’ I asked the taxi driver if he had eaten there. Mr Y.J. Yadav proudly said he has. He also told me that how the place though named Sardar is not owned by a sardar. The shop is baarso puraana and the name merely carried on with the generations to come.
Located in Tardeo the place was bustling with activity with people pouring in to grab a seat and place their orders. Fruits in cloth bags hung from the ceiling and a paan wala with a totally different variety of paans was squatting in the midst of the hustle and bustle. On either sides of the wall, which marked the entrance, the name ‘sardar ‘ is encrusted, though on one side an S is missing and on the other a D. This is an example of how a name is just a name, the identity is one’s personality. Beside the entrance, on a huge platter, a bhaiyaji was preparing the bhaji.
After finding a comfortable spot with the view of many heads bowed down looking at their plates (everyone, off-course, was busy eating), I placed my order. It came in ten minutes to be precise which was fast, that says a lot about their service. I was devastated at the thought of eating so much better with the innumerable layers of cheese on my plate, but hunger overcame me just like sleep after a three hour mathematics paper. I slapped the pav onto the bhaji and took a huge bite. It was delicious.
After bowing down for fifteen minutes, and by that time my hands were slippery with the amount of butter on the pav, my stomach indeed came out a bit. After finishing my meal I looked around myself and saw some new faces or to be precise new heads, the rush outside the counter and the waiter giving me my bill. The bill came up to be a decent hundred and fifty rupees, not too much and not too less.
So after an exhausting day, a slab of Amul butter, three cubes of cheese mixed with pav and bhaji made my day. Sardar Centre is a must go if you are feeling malnourished or if you are missing your mom’s healthy food with lots of ghee(/butter).