It happens only in Mumbai…

by tybmmjourno

A compilation of few things typically Mumbai

By Niyati Agrawal

You get most of the things from all around the world in Mumbai. But then, there are some things which you can search the world for but won’t find them. These are found only in Mumbai. These are Mumbai exclusives.

  1. Chinese Bhel : The Chinese replicate the goods from all over the world and adds its own new features to it. The world replicates Chinese food. We added our own touch to it. Chinese Bhel is fried Chinese noodles mixed with ketch up, soya sauce, chilli sauce and vegetables like spring onions, cabbage, carrots, etc. There are a numerous ways in which one can make Chinese bhel, depending on their taste. However this is one food item which is only found in Mumbai.
  2. Train Friends : People have heard of building friends, school friends, college friends, family friends and even friends of friends but Train Friends is one species which is only found in Mumbai. It ranges from 15 year old to 55 year old. Their loyalty lies in saving seats in the train for each other. They share breakfasts, delicacies that they made and have their own little parties in the train. They discuss their family problems to exchanging songs on Bluetooth to taking each other’s advice while buying something in the train. They are also very adaptive. They welcome a new person very openly and sometimes may also forget the old ones. But then they are there in the time of need.
  3. Rasta Shopping : Malls in Mumbai are growing like mushrooms but does it really matter? They are for window shopping. Most of our wardrobes are filled with clothes bought from the rasta. Calling it street shopping kills the essence of it. The most famous places to shop are the Colaba Causeway, Andheri Lokhandwala, Bandra Hill Road and Link Road and Fashion Street. You will get Zara for Rs.300! Need I say more? In Mumbai rasta is the way to be.
  4. Vada Pav Breakfast :  It is a traditional potato vada in between 2 pieces of bread or pav often served with red garlic chutney and green chutney. Everyone at least once in their student life or office career has had vada pav for breakfast. A McDonalds burger is very commonly compared to the vada pav because of the ease both are available everywhere. A vada pav can also be called desi burgers.
  5. Dabbawalas : Mumbai dabbawalas or tiffinwalas are no new term to people all over. With being a case study in the Harvard Business School to being felicitated by Prince Charles of Wales, these dabbawalas are responsible for most Mumbaites being able to eat hot lunch and are also saved from the trouble of carrying it themselves. With a mere color and number code the dabbawalas of Mumbai are the most efficient and on-time food delivery service known to man-kind.