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the first drink of evry morning


Tea, which is well known as ‘Chai’ is the first important drink preferred by most of the Indians.

A cup of tea and a newspaper is what defines a perfect morning each day in India. This trend of drinking tea can easily be seen on the streets of Mumbai as well. A ‘Chaiwala’ is the first person most of the local train travellers wish to meet every morning. Chaiwala is the one who has the flame on going for the whole year in the process of preparing the plain tea or the ‘Masala Chai’. There are several people in Mumbai itself who are addicted to drinking Tea each hour of the day.



Irrespective of any family background, one can for sure find at least a single person in every person who addicted to drinking ‘Chai’ every now and then. By taking into consideration the famous saying ‘Mehmhan Bhagwan hota hai’- most of the house makers offer their guests with a cup of tea as a symbol of a warm gesture which defines that the opposite person is always welcomed.

In today’s day and age, some prefer drinking ‘Chai’ using a cup and some others prefer pouring it in a plate, relish each sip of their chai and this fulfils the desire of an auspicious and refreshing start of their day.

In India, West Bengal and Assam are the world’s largest tea producers. When one thinks of ‘Chai’- it’s very rare that people around realise that there are several types of tea in the world. They are as follows:

Normal Regular Tea: This tea includes the regular prepared tea with the help of tea leaves, milk, sugar and water which every family can afford easily.

Masala Chai: the real taste of Masala chai can be relished only when one purchases it from a chaiwala in one’s own area. This type of tea spices up the mouth and the Mumbai travellers prefer this most of the time.


Green Tea: This type of tea is considered to be a healthy choice with regards to health solution. In today’s generation, the people who are very concerned of keeping themselves fit everyday prefer to have green tea everyday.


Black Tea: this type of tea is well known among the villagers in the interior parts of Goa. Whenever I visit Goa every year, i have observed that each household prefer drinking black tea and hardly anyone purchases milk for the purpose of preparing tea. Black Tea is well known as ‘Chau’ ( konkanni tern for tea) in Goa.

White Tea: This type of tea is very rarely heard by common people. It is prepared by dipping the actual tea leaves in water and has a sweet flavour. This type of tea is mostly offered by 5 star hotels and never at a local chai corner. There’s a notion among people that drinking ‘White tea’ brings an ‘Elite’ tag for themselves.

To know what type of tea youngsters consider drinking in today’s age and time, 10 youths were asked regarding their taste with regards to tea. Through analysis, the conclusion that one could draw was that even in this generation, youngsters prefer to have normal regular tea or masala tea and very few who don’t prefer drinking tea.

Bollywood also took this factor of ‘chai’ into consideration and it has brought the dominant nature of tea through the song ‘E k Garam Chai ki Pyaali Ho’ in the movie ‘Har dil jo pyaar karega’ which describes how in this male dominated society, each husband loves his wife to offer his first refreshing beverage- ‘Subah ki Chai’

Considering the important role that ‘Chai’ plays in India, offices have now made vending machines available for their employees which will surely have some variety of tea as one of the options. If not, there will be a special office boy appointed to offer tea to each and every employee.

Well in short, this is how ‘Chai’ dominates the start of each one’s day.

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