by tybmmjourno

stylish pants!!!

Fashion has its own unique definition for each person. For some, just wearing a T-shirt and jeans seems much more cool compared to wearing grand knee length dresses.

Every morning, when one decides to get  ready and set out to go to work or college, the first question that pops out of people’s head is “ What should I wear today?” this question creates different combination of clothes in our minds till the time we reach our wardrobes and it still remains unanswered most of the times.

As the famous saying goes,  ‘one’s outfit can many a times help present oneself in a better way’, is what unconsciously gets inbuilt in each of us and due to this most of us prefer to dress up in the best simple and trendy way.Anyone who wears an old generation lace with the 1960’s bellbottoms is tagged as ‘old fashion’ which is seriously being unjust to ‘fashion’ which in reality is one’s own interpretation.

The variety of clothes from which females can choose is vast. Whenever one thinks of what to wear on any pant, one thinks of “ Which T-shirt will suite or will go quite well on the different kinds of pants?” but if one keenly observes the thinking process, do we ever think of what kinds of pants are most comfortable or most trendy.?”

But well the different kinds of pants can also become a ‘style statement ‘for each one of us. Harems, Pathyala, Salwar, Formal pants, Jeans, leggings, Jeggings are some of the pant types that one can experiment with.  These types of pants can be categorised and easily compared with each other.

Salwar, Pathyala, Harems can be categorised under one section of ‘traditional outfit’. Jeans, Leggings, Jeggings can be categorised under ‘New Generation innovation’. Shorts, track pants can be categorised under ‘sporty look’ category and formal pants is mostly tagged as an ‘ Office goer’s taste.”

All these types of pants are available in many colours and are chosen to be worn by many according to the different shades available.  The question of ‘preference’ can be raised up by taking into consideration the above factor as well.

To find out the answer of such a ‘preference option’ by each, 15 teenage girls were asked about this randomly. The questioning made them think for a second of what exactly what was most ‘stylish’ for each and many did not even think of this before.

Some prefer shorts and reasoned out that it looks much cooler and can stand out among friends. While some other said that Jeans is quite decent to be worn anywhere and everywhere. Some others said ‘Herems’ as well as ‘Salwar’ is a perfect fit to feel the most free on your legs, as these two these two types of pants is more airy compared to others. The interesting part about so many different preferences is that many choose wearing a pant to be comfortable and many just hunt for the ‘trendy look ‘ pant in the market.

This can even bring a realisation that  how unconsciously teenage girls like us prefer certain type of pants  along with our T-shirt preference.

So what’s your Choice?????

Can you convert your favourite type of pant into a ‘comfortable’ or into a ‘Trendy’ outlet?????????