by tybmmjourno

I read the articles over the recent removal of jism 2 posters. I am amused and angered by it.

Sex is something we all like, want and crave for.  A woman’s body is most aesthetically made. All this is accepted. But there is also another perspective through which we need to look at these two concepts especially in the medium of cinema.

“Censoring images created by the human mind has been going on since the dark ages. I remember qurban’s posters being removed by the moral police. I guess the more things change they remain the same. Individual freedom has always been trampled upon in the name of the larger good by the political class” said Mahesh Bhatt when the issue came up.

This is the same man who once blatantly stated on national television that “I make movies to titillate the audiences”. The perverse excitement and intent with which it was spoken was visibly very clear.

The jism 2 posters show that it is a downright porn movie. I talked to a prominent psychologist regarding the issue. She is based in Vadodara. My question to her, was do you think such movie posters increase crime against women? Her answer was, ‘any kind of image of sexual images, literature affects the human mind. So the public must first be educated about them. Sexual content must be exposed to people according to their age group, according to the dimensions set. Different people have different levels of mental vulnerability towards sexual content. Children are especially vulnerable to such exposure. There is an immaturity in them to the access of information. A group of teenagers who are not vulnerable to sexual content may not get affected. But if such content is distributed on a college campus a number of them are going to be affected. Such posters contribute about 25-30 percent in sexual crimes against women”.

It is common sense that unconsciously we are terribly excited about sex. But my concern is that children and women are affected. This is precisely the reason why the NCP MLA VIDYA CHAVAN requested the Maharashtra bureaucracy to remove the posters.’ School going children with impressionable minds view these posters. The reason, why I feel the posters must not hit the public eye. My suggestion is to have different, more sedate posters for the public view and the promotional posters put up in the theatres and multiplexes. The posters must certainly not be on walls, parks, colleges, buses and billboards.  This way one does not curb personal freedom as well as does a service to women.

There is something called as a society which comes before personal freedom. If cinema is a mirror of the society it also counter affects it. One cannot deny this.  One has to check and debate the effects of such objects, on society. Both sides of a coin must be debated with equal importance. The media never understands this in its hunger for sensationalism.

In this case except vidya chavan, no other individual backing this change was asked his view. All those who were asked to opine were members of the film industry like Mahesh Bhatt, alyque padamsee etc. At the end of the articles it was explicitly stated that politicians always attack the film fraternity. As far as I know, journalism does not allow a journalist express his opinion in any matter. The newspapers and the media as a whole have always done this.

One has to debate this issue hotly, but neutrally. The audience must be handpicked cutting across professions and mental health professionals must most definitely be involved . Sex in films is a sensitive matter and should not be a one-sided discussion.