by tybmmjourno


Mumbai is a city with a diverse population. When we talk about Mumbai, things that would come to one’s mind is that it is  the best place for shopping. It has best restaurants, temples etc but the most important are ‘the people of Mumbai’.

What I discovered of the city is the spirit of people living here. Mumbai is a strong city and can overcome all possible problems and crisis. Hats off  to The spirit of the people in Mumbai!! I remember the day when Mumbai was hit by a flood situation and how people helped each other. They allowed their neighbours to stay in their homes, offered them tea and were so supportive.  Another example would be the 26/11. One of the worst terrorists attack. It shook the entire country. People lost their near and dear ones.  The situation was traumatic. There was a massive loss. Almost hundred and sixty six civilians and security personnel were killed in the attack. There were twenty eight foreign nationals from 10 countries. It was one of India’s largest  city under terror attack. The attack lasted for 3 days killing one hundred and sixty four people and injured at least three hundred and three people. Despite of such a panicky situation, Mumbaikars yet managed and got back to work the fourth day.

 There was another series of blast on the thirteenth of July. There were at least seventeen people killed and hundred and thirty one injured as the city was attacked by three blasts at  Dadar, Zaveri Bazaar and Opera House. But once the people showed their courage. They helped people who were injured rushing them to the hospital, helping the injured and contacting their relatives. People even comforted the relatives in the hospitals. Mumbaikars  went out of their way to help one another.But the next day , the lifeline of the city – the western railway  was crowded with the usual crowd, the office-goers, college students etc.

 They showed their courage and bravery here again. In spite of such an attack they stood as a united city. The terrorists had damaged the land and hurt the people but could not destroy the spirit of Mumbaikars.There was a big loss. There was pain,anguishness, trouble. Loss of near and dear ones, loss of wealth, etc but yet the people of Mumbai didn’t give up. Schools, colleges and shops were open the next day in the suburbs too. People got back to work and continued with their daily routine. They didn’t lose hope or stay panicky instead helped people to reach back home. The people were so cooperative and helpful.

The people of Mumbai are targeted  for these terrorists attack why is it Mumbai that is targeted is another question to be asked. Yet the people don’t give up. They hopes are alive.  Yet Mumbai moves on. The people of Mumbai or Mumbaikars  have trained themselves to ignore all the problems around them and move on.  Even today if there are heavy rains Mumbaikars  walk out of their houses courageously.

I am proud to be a part of this city and salute the city for its COURAGE AND SPIRIT.