For a Change

by tybmmjourno

In a decent conversation with a friend on what could be the positive effects of media I realized that well, there were certain things which could be done. I had already learnt about ‘Kafila’ , and the rest in my class lectures, but they are not something which would be read by large numbers it was only connecting for the intellect class. I was looking for something which attract the individuals in large numbers as they are the ‘Jon Doe’ and ‘Jane Doe’ which is targeted by the main stream media.
Just going over ‘Facebook’ with the thought running in my head, I decided to find out if there are any prevalent efforts to bring about this change. We all know how Facebook works; posts, links, pages groups etcetera have become interesting over a year and have become popular. As going through the newsfeed I found this one image which made me scroll up the screen. It was a cartoon picture, it made me smile instantly, it was a comment in a satirical manner comment on the existing political state. The picture had a huge pink mother-pig, feeding her five piglets.
The Mother Pig
The word ‘Financial industry’ was etched on the on mother pig and ‘Congress’ etched on the piglets. These were human piglets accompanied by a formal briefcase behind them which had ‘Reform’ written on it. It was straight ‘matter of fact’ statement made by the artiste. As I followed the page, it became evident that they were talking about the change I wanted to see. The page is called, ‘Anonymous ART of Revolution’ and yet again the same old curiosity kicked in. as flexible as they are with the being open and sensitive to the need for the required change, they are as easily approachable. When contacted, they explained the whole idea behind their page and the ideas they wanted to express. In a very Simple statement they explain the entire concept of their page, “For every action there is a consequence and anonymous is the consequence against the greed!” They also believe that all the alternative media is nowadays one, the Internet is in the hands of people like us all and we can choose to make a difference to release information and create awareness. They work as an organized group dedicated to the masses and they target each and everyone to who can understand what they want to express. In order to maintain anonymity and to show a common face, interestingly they have used the mask. You can recognize the mask easily as it is the one used in the movie V for Vendetta. They further clarify that they are not the only ones, as they do associate with other pages. There are others who are working equally hard.

Another page which is doing similar work is ‘GotStared.At’ It’s a page which brings the issue of women sexual harassment’ in the open. It targets the wrongs which happen to women and how the society keeps feeding on these wrongs. The page admin when contacted willingly explained their idea by saying that they, “We want people to be able to talk rationally about everything under the sun. Right now, the talks surrounding these sensitive issues are pretty much under the covers, and hushed. This is what incites fear into peoples’ minds. We want that fear to go away. We want rape survivors to not feel ashamed about coming out and admitting that they have been raped, thereby taking away the power from the rapist.” In order to reach to a younger audience in a colloquial manner, they have images like

Though I still believe social media can’t be the only medium to inform the masses, I think these are some of the steps responsible citizens have taken. Their efforts should be considered and the word should spread around. The social media mediums especially in countries like India can be a medium to unite the classes and make them aware about the need for change. This specific class is already involved in social media. They can influence that specific class all over the world. It can create a social awareness on issues like women harassment, corporate ownership, the over powering government, the environmental issues etcetera. The element of individuality can be maintained and showcased under anonymity. It can play an important part when dealing with visual illustrations (referring to the cartoons which were criticized by the Indian political leaders and parties). These groups can target both global and local audiences, picking up issues over different news media and which are not in the vested interest of the mainstream media.
It’s only these steps which make a stairway to heaven.
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By: TYBMM Journo