Naxalism not only a concern for government but for all

by tybmmjourno

I used to hear about Naxalite attacks from people. Newspapers used to be loaded with news about the attacks and the loss of life because of the same. Every week there used to be announcements of MCC Bandh but I never saw an actual Bandh. It never affected my life until and unless I faced one. It was like any other day, my dad was out because of some official work, and mom was at home. It was around 12:30 pm when I along with three cousins was watching a serial on TV. Suddenly there was a sound like bang, when we looked out of the window; there was grey smoke all over the sky. Meanwhile my mom came running from the room crying aloud that, “papa was taking to me on phone and said, ‘I am just at the turning point, entering the campus’, and then the network went off because of the blast”.  At this point of time we were standing at our entrance gate and then we got the biggest shock of our life when people were running, crying loudly that there is white car that exploded, there are Naxalites all over the place. My mom to this added that, “it might be our car as papa was on his way home”. Before she could say anything I along with my two cousins started running in three different directions to see what had happen. When we reached the main road, we saw right in front of us, almost 20 ft away that it was not our car. As soon as I discovered this, tears started dropping out of my eyes. I just could not notice what other people were telling me. After few seconds, I heard someone calling my name, shouting, get inside the house, Naxals have attacked. All I could see was, people running, smoke coming out of the burning car. I could easily hear the sound of firing. One of my tuition teachers saw me standing on the main road without any idea of where I was literally standing. He came and asked me to go home. Mom and my maternal aunty were waiting for all the kids to be back. My mom then told me. “papa called up and said, ‘he is fine and he is at MLA uncle’s house’,”. When all my cousins were back, we locked the main gate but within five minutes, we could hear some people knocking our door badly and they were asking for help. One of them was badly injured as the blast had created a chaos in the market. We allowed them to come inside, they were actually at the spot where Naxalite were blackmailing the police and were asking for their guns.  One of the point which struck my mind while they were describing the incident to us, was the girls of my age were doing all of this, two police men were killed by the girls of the naxalite troop. Moreover, these girls were of my age, that is what people present there said. The situation was normal after an hour but what I saw at this point of time was unexpected and life changing. Through one of our kitchen’s window, we could see the dead bodies coming in the government hospital, which is next to our house. After 2-3 hours, the local police were visible. The constables killed in the attack were not from the local police station, they had come from the place called Bhandaridah to put money in the local bank. The IPS officer along with his force came in to inspect the situation as a live bomb at the local market was left behind and one of the constables was killed because he did not let the Naxalite blast it. If the Naxalite had succeeded in doing that then the whole market would have blown up. I come from a place called Phusro near Bokaro district in Jharkhand. Out of twenty-two districts of Jharkhand, twenty of them are now announced as Naxal prone areas.

After this attack, there used to be complete silent on roads on every MCC Bandh. Schools were shut, no transporting of coals, which affected the business of the place largely. Who are these people? What do they want? What is the solution to this problem? All these questions have been discussed a number of times. The third question has been answered but how much it is in practice is questionable. It is no longer a matter of concern for the government alone, we, as citizen of India needs to look into the issue and help both the government and the Naxalites. They are no one but humans, Indians like us. We do have certain responsibility towards our society, nation and most importantly humanity.  We are not able to find any solution to any of our problems because we as citizen are least interested in what is happening in our nation. Blame Game needs to be over. Where do we stand when it comes to our sense of responsibility? We need to take out time from our busy schedule and give it a thought because if we won’t then the future is going to worse than ever expected.

Unnati Maharudra