by tybmmjourno

                      ARE TRAFFIC SIGNALS REALLY A THREAT????


Besides Mumbai, Vasai is a place that faces traffic issues which are often ignored by Vasaikars. Since the past 20 years, Vasai has been a town which has taken up development projects in construction, repairing roads and various infrastructure projects too but has turned a blind eye to the issues related to traffic. The issue has been not highlighted either by the people or Municipal Co-operation nor by the traffic police force.

The streets of Vasai reek of traffic problems. There are no facilities for a signal even where the four roads meet up in areas near the station (the chowks) or even at the 100 feet wide roads. Eg. at Babola naka, Evershine City (East), Vasant nagri, Ambadi naka etc.

In order to receive first-hand  information, I decided to speak to the traffic inspector of  Vasai, ‘Inspector Shubash Deore’. “ There’s not even a single signal in Vasai, no parking slot allotted, the bike riders don’t wear the helmet- such things are ignored by everyone.” Due to the absence of a traffic signal, Accidents are rampant due to which other issues of negligence by drivers have to be ignored. When wearing a helmet had become a law, people were taking the initiative to do so but this phenomenon lasted for a very short period of time. After a year, no bike rider is seen wearing a helmet. On 26th December, 2011- A bike and rickshaw collided with each other. On Investigating further, it was noted that two passengers in the rickshaw died on the spot and the rickshaw driver’s with minor injuries and Mr. Gokhale (the bike rider) is in a critical condition. Doctors are trying their best to bring Mr. Ghokhale to consciousness. Inspector Shubash Deore stated, “Mr. Ghokhale was half drunk and speeding up a bike without wearing a helmet.”

Cars and bikes tend to speed up as there are no traffic signals and many a times no traffic police to control the smooth flow of traffic. There’s no parking slot available due to which people tend to park it on both the sides of the road, this leads to traffic jam mostly near the vasai station. Inspector Shubhash Deore also stated, “No traffic signal contributes towards people ignoring the law of wearing of helmet, parking anywhere on the road and over drunken driving due to the absence of traffic polices many a times.”

Who is to be blamed for the traffic issues, is it the responsibility of the municipality co-operation or the traffic police? Or shouldn’t the public take initiatives to be responsible to avoid such issues and follow the traffic discipline without any law? This remains a vital question that may never be answered appropriately to anyone’s satisfaction.

picture credits: the photo was shot by me, once the traffic police had been interviewed.