by tybmmjourno


The Olympics games are events which feature summer and winter sports.  Sportsmen from different countries participate in this event in various competitions.  This game is considered to be one of the greatest events  with two hundred countries participating. The event is held every four years.

This year (2012) Olympics was lead in London.  India was one among the two hundred countries. 83 athletes were sent to compete in13 sports. Six Indians won medals for the country. The first medal of the London Olympics for India was won by Gagan Narang in the 10m air rifle. The second medal of the London Olympics was won by Vijay Kumar in 25 meter rapid fire pistol. The third medal was won by Saina Nehwal in the Women’s Singles Event in Badminton. The fourth medal has been won by Mary Kom in the Women’s Flyweight (51 kg). The fifth medal has been won by Yogeshwar Dutt in the Men’s Wrestling Freestyle (60 kg) Category. The sixth medal has been won by Sushil Kumar in the Men’s Wrestling Freestyle (66 kg) Category .

Despite of the six great medals people still complain that six are not enough and that they needed more. Why do we do this? Why don’t we crib about the fact that our athletes do not get the best amenities?

On the editorial page of the Times of India (13th of August ), Vijay Mallya quoted, “A nation of over a billion cannot be happy with a few medals. We need to focus on six sport disciplines, excel and aim for multiple golds in Rio Olympics.

Yes I do agree. But to  achieve more medals we need to give our participants the best of the amenities. Are they well trained? Despite of the fact that they are not given the best amenities they still give their best. Their performance is great.

 Take for instance Mary Kom. As a female, her parents did not let het play the sport. It is only after they saw her picture in a newspaper from her victory in a tournament, that they let her do what she wanted to. So gender discrimination is one social evil in our country.

Sometimes we see headlines in newspapers saying “Vijay Kumar losses gold by one point”. It’s really disappointing!

People should encourage the participants because despite of these difficulties they give their best for our country.  People in our country only encourage  our participants after medals are achieved.

Abhinav Bindra in the Economic Times said “winning on the world stage is not about one massive thrust of support every once in a while” and “in a short while, the euphoria will diminish, and we will be back to the same old problems that have bogged down our Olympian dreams for generations.” India needs to stop being happy ”just to be there.” It needs to want to win.

The government needs to give the athletes good training and  best facilities.  We need to support and encourage our players- whether financial, emotional or physical.

  And so we should learn to appreciate our participants for their wonderful performances. Medals should not be the only reason for our celebration.