Spare the Media!

by tybmmjourno

We live in a country where blood is thicker than water

On August 11, 2012, things went out of control in the Mumbai city as the protest against the killing of Muslims in Assam and Burma got violent. In addition, media not covering the Assam and the Burma issue also lead to the protest. Thirdly, many videos and photos about the crime taking placing against Muslims in Assam and Burma went viral on the social networking sites. According to the newspaper reports, two people were dead and fifty people were badly injured especially on their heads. Several policemen and the media people were attacked during the rally. The rally was organized by the Raza Academy at the Azad Maidan, Mumbai.

After watching the riots, which was flashed by several news channels, I was in utter shock. The first thing that hit me was that we live in country where religious conviction plays a very important role in one’s life. We live in a country where blood is thicker than water. Secondly, when I saw the videos and photos that went viral on social networking site, I was disturbed and deeply hurt but at the same time, I thought whether those videos and pictures were real or fake? Were those pictures misleading? Also, there was no information from where these images were sourced. Thirdly, why was the media targeted? The protesters say that the Media is biased towards the Muslim community. How far is this truth? Why do they think like this? Media might be bias towards covering certain issues while neglecting few issues but how does this turn into a community/ religion biasness. Fourthly, the Assam riots took place because the Bodo community thought that the Bangladeshi Muslims are refugees and they are trying to  illegally stay on their land. What is wrong if the Bodo community thinks in such a way? I do understand that thousands of ‘human beings’ are dead but is the Bodo community thinking wrong? What would you do if someone illegally stayed on your land or took away your land? One may argue that, riots are not the solution but then how do you send the refugees back? Fifthly, why was the Mumbai city destroyed? Who will pay for the damage? Why can’t the Bodo community and the Bangladeshi Muslims find out a solution in Assam and Burma only and work on it? Sixthly, when the Gujarat riots took place, no such protest was held. I question, why no protest was held at that time? Seventhly, before protesting did the Muslim protesters try to figure that the information that they have received was correct or was it because the victims were Muslims  the entire community outraged. If a similar instance would have had taken place where the victims were Hindus, would have the Muslims reacted in similar manner? All these questions kept running in my mind but I have no answer to this. Do you’ll have an answer to it?

A friend of mine named Daniya Aziz Khan said, “The media deserves what they got from Muslims protesters. We are always neglected. We want our rights.” This statement of her hurt me. If every individual thinks like Daniya Khan, our efforts to free our country from gender, class and caste bias will go waste. We shall never be able to set free our country from these biases.

My views on this entire issue might seem very Anti- Muslim but I can’t ignore the details that I have stated above.

Ruchi Nandu – T.Y.BMM