by tybmmjourno

Mumbai and its moments…

The hot, sticky weather annoys you? Does it seem like life has its own different pace in here? Does the friendly, helpful nature of people guiding you to your destination astonish you? Have you been dragged in and out of the local train, without you even walking a step ahead? And do you lose yourself in the fresh salty air, standing at the Marine Drive? Then yes, you are definitely in Mumbai- the city of dreams!
Mumbai is a city which is loved and hated in equal measure by people across the world who visit or live in it. Some don’t stop cribbing about the horrible traffic and the humidity that disrupts their entire day while some just can’t get over the city’s spell over oneself. The tradition of having ‘vada pav’ for a quick breakfast with friends so that our tummies are at least a little full before the 8 am lecture at college; long walks with friends on Marine Drive, especially when its drizzling; breakfast at the famous- Mondegar restaurant; long drives with friends on the sea-link; cheap and beautiful clothes and accessory shopping at Colaba -causeway; making a large group of people (usually friends of friends) along with our friend circle for dinner at a good place in Bandra just so that the cost of the combined bill can be equally split amongst all of us in order to save some money, and so on.

Mumbai is probably one of the only cities left in India, which has more or less managed to retain a certain edge of the country’s glorious past in its boundaries. The old monuments, Museums, forts- from the time the British ruled India still adore the city.

Flora Fountain at night

The ‘Flora Fountain’ is a stone fountain made completely of Portland stone and was constructed in 1864. It is situated in South Mumbai and it is said that it was regarded as a heritage structure that soothes the passers-by with water.

Another example of historical nostalgia is the Chhtrapati Shivaji Terminus or CST, whose construction started in 1889 and was completed in 1897. It is said to be a mixture of styles from the traditional Indian architecture and the Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival architecture. It is regarded as an illustration of the nineteenth century railway architecture marvels. The list is endless.







When talking about nostalgia, how can one forget about the famous Mumbai rains? Everyone has been missing the usual rainy weather in the city as this time the rains are having its own mood swings regarding its grand arrival in many parts of Mumbai. This year’s rainfall levels are scanty, spelling trouble for the agricultural farmers and heavy cut-offs in water and electricity supply. Even though the rains disrupts the daily commuting routine for working people and college-goers; however this doesn’t stop people- young, old and children alike to enjoy whatever rains they are getting. Enjoying steaming hot bhutta with lemon and masala or pakodas with green chutney along with a cup of hot chocolate/tea/coffee just makes one’s day in this season. Its unpredictable nature is what is liked as well as disliked by different people. At one point, it’s sunny and warm and the very next minute, it starts raining! The rains may not too joyful for people who live on the streets or in slums- with their rooftops leaking water and homes flooded with muddy water. But nevertheless, even the street children come out in the rain- dancing and singing to glory.

This is Mumbai- where each and every festival from diverse religions is celebrated with equal enthusiast and devotion as any other Hindu or Maharashtra-centered festival; where people find happiness in small-small wonders; where people help others in need- whether it is about guiding somebody to their destination or standing up and helping a person in need; where the traffic drives you crazy but makes you realize that you are in one of the most busiest but loving cities in the entire country.


—Sakshi Raina