Mohammad Ali Road- The Festive Food Hub

by tybmmjourno


On the arrival of dawn, one street that gets really busy especially during the holy month of Ramzan or Ramadan is ‘Mohammad Ali Road’. For a person like me who has spent 19 years in Mumbai and has not been to Mohammad Ali Road yet, it was a complete shame. Hence this year was a must!

Mohammad Ali Road is known for its delicious food especially during the holy month of Ramadan or Ramzan. After reading up about the place in great detail, I was all geared up to eat to my heart’s content. I decided to pull along a few friends of mine, who are complete foodies and have been here before.

Our first step was to take a cab to the destination, which is a better option for those who haven’t been to the place ever (the lanes there can be really confusing there). We reached there in half an hour and stopped at the first lane. The first thing we noticed was the crowd, followed by the lights which beautifully adorned the Masjid and the buildings around it. Entering the lane itself was a task! We decided to explore the place a little before feasting on the delicious food there. There were many stalls selling bags, footwear, dry fruits, sweets and Mughlai dishes.

After all the growling and ogling at the mouth-watering food we finally entered a restaurant, Hindustan Hotel, which is famous for its ‘Chota Kebab and Lamba Pav’ for just Rs.25 a plate. 8 pieces of small kebabs filled with loads of flavours and two pieces of Pav, served hot with lemon, was worth the money.

Around the corner you will find many Shawarma stalls that sell the Chicken Shawarma for just Rs.20. A must try for Shawarma lovers. Our next stop was a place where you can have the main course. We decided to sit at the roadside stall and not opt for the air conditioned compartment as that would just take the ‘Khau Galli´ feel away. The food side stall was attached to a restaurant called Janata, whose speciality was the Kebabs (which were placed vertically on seekhs in different colours) and Chicken 65. We ordered for the Pahadi Kebab, Reshmi Kebab, Malai Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab and the famous Chicken 65, each in small quantities. Each one of them looked mouth-watering and tasted even better.The best one out of the six items were the crispy Chicken 65 and the spicy Seekh Kebab. The total bill came upto Rs. 590 inclusive of cold drinks, mineral water and bread (pav).

Image       Image       Image

Our next stop was Noorani, which is known for its ’Malpua’, an egg based pancake which is deep fried in a huge wok like utensil and the size is as big a meal plate. Definitely too much for one person to eat but the fragrance and flavours of this dish, which is served hot with Rabdi, is a great combo and a must have!  Another item which this place is famous for is the Masala Milk which is made by them. All of this would cost Rs. 150.


So in one night we had a three course meal, consisting of a great variety and we spent just Rs. 500 per person (inclusive of travelling- by cab). It is an occasion every person must experience. The sight of not only the food but also the efforts of the people are a great thing to see. A must visit for all.

Some of the other must visits around the area are:

  • Zaika, J.J. Junction – Chicken Roll- Rs. 30
  • JJ Jalebiwala, J.J. Junction– Kali Jalebi- Rs. 20 a plate
  • Suleimaan Usman Mithaiwala, I.M. Merchant Road– Classic Firni– Rs. 25, Flavoured Firni– Rs. 32- 34
  • Noor Mohammedi Hotel,Abdul Hakim Chowk– Nalli Nihari- Rs.60

Alice Peter

TYBMM Journalism

Sophia College for Women