by tybmmjourno

Here is a sneak-peak into the Independence day celebrations of a regiment posted at Pathankot, a small district in Punjab…

August 15, 2012 – India’s Independence Day, the day when India became a free and democratic country; the day she won a very long and historical fight for freedom against the British Rule. This day is celebrated even today in an attempt to pay homage to India’s brave and historic leaders who fought relentlessly for her freedom in the past. Be it a metro city like Mumbai or Delhi or be it a small city or district like Pathankot or Srinagar, Independence Day is celebrated with equal fervor and patriotism across the nation. The nation’s major buildings are decorated, flags are distributed on streets and institutions, patriotic songs are sung and the National flag is unfurled by the Prime Minister. And when it’s the country’s Army that is being talked about, how can they be any less? At 21 Sub Area ( a brigade unit posted in Pathankot, commanded by Brig. Raina), there was a similar scene.
The day started with a small ‘puja’ ceremony being kept at the army brigade’s main temple place, wherein all the army officers as well as the OR’s and jawans along with their families were present to pray and thank the almighty for the freedom and liberty that we all enjoy today and to bless our country and its people. The ladies were dressed in saris which had to include any color from the National flag while the officers, jawans and other army officials were dressed in their army uniforms for the function which followed the prayer ceremony.

Later in the morning, a function was conducted on the ‘Independence Day Celebrations’ theme, which showcased various skits, patriotic songs, and speeches regarding our glorious and historic freedom struggle and the leaders involved in it, by the members as well as the children of these army officials of the brigade unit itself. But before the function commenced, the Commander of 21 Sub Area- Brigadier RK Raina unfurled the tricolor National flag in front of the entire brigade and initiated the National anthem and ended the National song with a proud salute. The function also saw some officers and their wives conducting a quiz competition for children belonging to the 8 to 16 year age group which challenged their knowledge about the nation and its glorious past. There also were special and different cultural dance performances given by the ladies of the regiment. There was also an army band   
(the famous bagpiper band) performance in the
regiment’s practice ground soon after the main
event. They performed various patriotic song
tunes which were from different states showcasing
the diversity of languages and culture from across
the country. At the end of the performances,
honorary Brigadier RK Raina distributed gifts as a token of gratitude to the performers. Photographs were also taken from the beginning till the end of the entire programme in abundance to remember the event for years to come.
Finally, a grand lunch party followed the splendid band performance, after which everyone went to their respective homes but not without taking along with them- refreshed memories and facts about this day; the sheer patriotic arousal and the overwhelming pride that is suddenly re-awakened in their hearts.


–Sakshi Raina