Ramdev Baba, Kya karte ho aap?

by tybmmjourno

Few years ago, a thin man in sadhu attire, taught people how to recover from diseases. He soon became the favourite of all because he helped people in recovering from physical problems, which amazingly doctors could not. Then he became the miracle Baba. Yogasan became popular in India once again. Every day in the morning, you could hear only one voice coming out of the TV, obviously of Baba. Benefits of his yoga was suddenly seen as if yoga was not there in India before and people were unacquainted of the benefits of yoga.

After a while, he started influencing public opinion: his opinion became the opinion of the people. He commented on every possible thing, from cold drinks to Bollywood female actors, from beauty products to Politics. In a way, one can say that he covered almost all the issues, from Kanya Kumari to Vaishno Devi.  Moreover, one should not forget that he created issues for himself sometimes. He became the center of attraction not only for those who were following him but also for teenagers as he became the reason for daily bashing from the parents.

Pranayam, Anulom-vilom, Kapaal Bharti became his tools for what he is today but the only difference between then and now is , he is no more associated with these tools .

He enlightened people with his thoughts, informed them that Pepsi, Coca-cola Thumps Up can also be used for cleaning toilets but he forget to tell us that soft drinks like Mountain Due, Sprite and 7UP can also be used in case of acidity. Likewise, he expressed his views on how useless beauty products are. While these meaningful classes were going on; Baba came with the idea of Patanjali Stores, a place where you could get rid of your problems. He opened these stores in various cities of India, where one could buy Ayurvedic medicines ideated by him or made under his supervision. How nice of him to think so much about all of us? He then became a successful businessperson. Agenda behind his comments were clear but not understood by the media and taken into consideration.

When we as audience were bored and our focus shifted to something spicier than him. Baba thought of becoming a Mahatma. He thought of combating India’s most common problem, widely known as Corruption. However, instead of becoming a Mahatma, he became a fighter. A fighter who ran away from the stage, jumped in the most macho stance ever done by any actor in Hollywood or Bollywood and finally ended up wearing women attire so that he could escape the Police.

He was hurt so badly after jumping from the stage that he thought it is good to be silent for a while. Well his intelligence did not stay for long. Recently he claimed that all politicians are corrupt in India and asked to bring back all the black money from Swiss Bank.

In democracy, it is good to be critical and constitution gives you the right to freedom of speech and expression. Nevertheless, the question is what impression we as Indian leave on the world about India that all are leaders are corrupt. He is connected to Yogasan that is considered sacred in this country but it does not mean that you can do whatever you wish to.


Unnati Maharudra