PATOIEANCHEM FEAST CELEBRATION ( a feast celebrated by Goans along with Independence day)

by tybmmjourno


students encouraged to hold the Indian flag

Independence Day – a day on which every Indian is happy to be a part of India and patriotic sentiments just rise up among citizens belonging to every age group, caste, religion, community etc. Each and every corner of India ad especially villages of Goa are is seen with Tri coloured painted walls, the Indian Flag is hoisted in every building compound or terrace. It’s on Independence day ad Republic days that each person starts singing patriotic songs .Otherwise hardly does anyone wish to sing any of those.

Most of the families of Nesai Village in Margao City of Goa make sure that each of them are dressed up in a full white attire or at least wear an attire that matches the colour of our national flag. People around purchased a flag Rs.5 each and encourage their children to hold it and be all ready sing the National Anthem. A 4 year old kid was seen wearing the army’s uniform and singing the national anthem the whole day. Patriotic songs were played throughout the day and this tape recorder was the alarm for all the surrounding residents to wake up and get set for the Independence Celebration.

The catholic community on the other hand celebrated another kind of festival known as the ‘Patoieanchem Fest’ or ‘Assumption of Mary’ along with Independence Day. It’s mandatory that the catholic community needs to attend a spiritual session called ‘Mass’ in which their religious priest explains the meaning of the festival as well as its importance and relationship with regards to India’s Independence. The Catholic community believes that Mother Mary was taken up into heaven and declared the Mother of the World. This can be interpreted into Mother Mary being given a dignified identity. This has a close symbolism with Independence as India too gained its dignified status after several years of slavery and struggle for freedom.

Among the Catholics, the Goans and Manglorians celebrate it more auspiciously by making sweet known as ‘Pathoiee’ which is prepared using a leaf, rice flour, dal and jiggery. This sweet dish is actually a symbol of respect to Mary as she had visited her cousin Elizabeth during the month of harvest. That’s why it is known as ‘Pathoieeche fest’

To make this feast much more meaningful the people around got together, sang religious songs, hoisted our National Flag and sang the National Anthem.

People even distributed the sweet (Pathoiee) among neighbours and this brought up a sense of brotherhood and peace relationship among different religious communities. This also works as a symbolism of Independence Day significance.

the sweet ‘pathoyee’ – this is made on pathoeiyeeche fest ‘ or ‘ASSumption of Mother Mary’s feast’

The day ended up by sliding down the National Flag by 5 pm and people started watching the different ways of celebration on television.

In short, even though Pathoeeyeeche fest and assumption of Mother Mary feast is a catholic community feast but still it can be easily symbolised with our nation’s Independence Day celebration- CELEBRATION OF FREEDOM AND UNITY IN DIVERSITY.