Mumbai Street Food

by tybmmjourno

When Mumbaikars talk about fast food they mean pav bhaji and bhel puri, not rolls and burgers. It is the best part of Mumbai. The city has a tremendous appetite for snacks, and street vendors know how to cater to this hunger. The best place to try the city’s age old fast food is Khau Galli. a small lane off Zaveri Bazaar packed with interesting food stalls. In the menu of street food, vada pav, bhelpuri, pav bhaji and pani puri are the favourites of mumbaikars.

I’ll start  with vada pav . This was actually served as a teatime snack. Interestingly the dish has transformed into an iconic street food item. It is actually the bread bun stuffed with a nice fat oily batata wada. The batata wada is sprinkled with garlic –chilli powder and additional green and tamarind chutni is also offered along with it. Not all vada pav joints are good, but a few of them like Anand Vada Pav, M M Mithaiwala, are famous. The cutting chai is a great accompaniment to the vada pav and is  available at almost every small eatery or joint. The marine drive is famous for its bhelpuri. As one bites into the crisp papdi, there’s a burst of flavours like sweet, sour, tangy and hot! Some bhelpuri sellers even come and sell it inside the buildings on marine drive. It’s simply lovely to eat it with hands and making them messy. Whether it’s monsoon on any other season mumbaikars don’t care. They just have to dig into their bhelpuri once a week. The dish cost just Rs 15. Pav bhaji is Mumbai’s own invention and an absolute rage. The dish is basically made on a griddle in front of us and one of the best pav bhaji i had was at juhu chowpatty beach. It was lip smacking. Coming to panipuri, there are thousands and thousands of panipuri stalls across the city. So the mumbaikars are always assured of fulfilling their chat cravings.


In Mumbai, the city of high spirits and dreams, eating out sometimes becomes more of a necessity than choice. This cosmopolitan city has plenty to offer to localities and travellers. It has amazing Chinese, Punjabi, Guajarati and Italian food joints. The starters at china garden, kemps corner are crisp and lovely. The Punjabi food at Crystal a marine drive, joint is amazing and affordable. It is a very a student friendly joint. Even after having a platter of Nan, paneer bhurji, ma ki dal, jeera rice and fruit cream, one will come out paying less than two hundred bucks.

The upbeat theme and wall pictures at Cafe  Mondegar, Colaba  contribute to the fun filled atmosphere. I went there with a friend last week.  While he enjoyed his Heineken beer, I enjoyed a fabulous fried egg. Taj Trattoria, has the most amazing cheesy pastas and Italian expresso.  Cafe basilico at Colaba, another Italian restaurant has amazing breads and dips. After staying in Mumbai for two years I can definitely say that Mumbai has something to offer to every food lover.