When 500 girls decide to Rewrite the Future

by tybmmjourno

This SoBo College fest attracts a crowd of more than 10000 students over six days. Shruti Parmar reports the making of Kaleidoscope 2012.

Sophia College is an institution of women self-assured, driving towards fulfilling high academic expectations and philosophising in what’d be South Mumbai’s best Campus. It’s a happy place, an inspiring space, a comforting second-home, an idealistically challenging maze to build who you’ll be.

And within this context come those days when the students of this institution are gradually united to spend at least four months every year ideating around a sacred theme, running around, making calls after every lecture, heading to the Den busily, fighting, explaining, laughing, just working… knowing well what the awesomeness they seek to create entails.

Kaleidoscope, Sophia College’s annual inter-collegiate fest brings together some of the best creative, technical, organisational and visionary ideas like every College fest does and yet, it is something more. It’s obsessively merit- based for one. “We fight over who works harder. K’Scope truly is a test of one’s commitment and sense of duty. The Kaleidoscope Workforce therefore, commands respect.”, says Unnati Maharudra one of KScope’s 500-girls-strong Workforce. It is also, ultimately however for enjoyment. The enjoyment of coming together, of making our own decisions, of friendship, of achievement and of creating memories of College years that will remain forever.

Kaleidoscope is well, also truly a kaleidoscope. Nowhere else will you experience such a variety of young personalities and talents, pushing their individual capabilities to represent an institution, an idea and an attitude of equal confidence.

P. Irani, a student of HR College is among the many students who participate in this fest year after year. He says, “K’Scope is a vibrant design, beautiful and full of possibilities. And that’s what drives all of us here- the infinite opportunity. The chance to run a world of our own within the realm of reality, to challenge ourselves and to excel. We fall, we fail and we learn, all right. But we also create, discover and become wise.” Shruti Parmar, member of the Executive Committee this year says, “In this mythically doomed year of 2012, nothing captures the essence of Kaleidoscope better than our theme- Rewrite the Future. With all that we do, you should know, this is our dream. Live it with us, YOU are invited.”