7 Trends for the Week

by tybmmjourno

Fashion keeps on changing and so do trends. Trends in fashion means when somehow, large number of people sport the same style of lowers or wear the same accessory or carry the same bag. Be it Zara or Causeway, Mango or Linking Road, Accessorize or Hill Road. Girls will search the market in and out for that top that is in trend.

Sometimes trends come back. Once an apparel which was worn by a particular section at a particular time repeats itself at another time with a different set of people.

This article will take you through 7 such trends which have a unique history and discovering their possible inspirations. These fashion articles have come back with large audiences wearing them.

1)Polka  dotted  shirts-

Where did Polka dots come into fashion?

The Polka Dot fever started with the dance form called ‘The Polka’ in Europe.  It is believed that dresses of polka dots were generally worn during dancing.

Polka dots hit a new peak in popularity with the introduction of ‘Minnie Mouse’ by Walt Disney. In the 1920’s Polka dotted swimsuits were on the rise. The design can also be copied from the disease ‘Chicken Pox’.








Chicken Pox and Marilyn Monroe in a Polka dotted Swimsuit

Polka dotted pants, tops and other accessories can be found in Zara, Mango, Westside. A tour in Phoenix Mills and Palladium and one can buy a Polka dotted apparel with ease. And then after owning one she will eventually polka dance with delight.











Polka dotted shirt and Polka dotted coloured pants

2)Applique  shirts-

An appliqué is a smaller ornament applied to another surface. In the context of ceramics, for example, an appliqué is a separate piece of clay added to the primary work, generally for the purpose of decoration.

The term is borrowed from French and, in this context, means “applied” or “thing that has been applied.”

Appliqué was first discovered when clothes which were ripped and needed fixing. To make the cloth wearable it was sewn with different patches on top of the torn part.

In the context of sewing, an appliqué refers to a needlework technique in which pieces of fabric, embroidery, or other materials are sewn onto another piece of fabric to create designs, patterns or pictures.A famous example of appliqué is the Hastings Embroidery, it shows 81 great events in British history during the 900 years from 1066 to 1966. It took 22 embroiderers over 10 months to finish.

The design can also be inspired from the Ralli quilts of Indian and Pakistan textiles.












The Hatings embroidery and the Ralli Quits of Indian and Pakistani textiles.










Applique on top collars.

3)Harem Pants-

Harem Pants are believed to be originated in India. Salwaar kammez and chudidaar have been traditional Indian attire since a long time in history. Though the Zouaves who hailed from North Africa and who were recruited in the French army also wore pants very similar to that of the Harem.











Patiala pants and a Zouaves from North Africa

The Harem pants is considered to be comfortable and loose. Every girl owns atleast one of these pants. From expensive ones in Zara and Promod, the best ones one can get are form Hill Road or Causeway.












Colourful Harem Pants and Leather printed Harem Pants.

4)Peplum  tops-

The peplum was a design worn by women in Ancient Greece. It was also worn by Spartan women.












A Spartan women wearing a peplum top and an ancient Greek statue showing a woman wearing a peplum top on a skirt.

The trend is back with a bang! Peplum skirts, tops and dresses have decorated mannequins all over the big stores. Though one needs a little bit of grace to carry of the style few good ones can be found in Palledium.












Peplum tops can be worn with jeans, skirts or shorts.

5)Owl necklace-

The Owl necklace entered market like a storm. Everyone seemed enchanted with the idea of wearing an Owl around her neck.









The necklace is very common and nearly goes with any color or material. The design of the necklace can be inspired by, and I am extremely sure of this piece of information, the Nighty Owl.










Different coloured Owl Necklaces

6)Gladiator Shoes-

This type of footwear was inspired by the Roman Gladiatiors. Galdiators are armed, skilled and professional fighters. They usually fight for the entertainment of the Roman elite. The footwear that they used to wear were supposed to be made in a way which was durable and comfortable.










The Roman soldiers wearing their shoes which is part of their fighting attire.

The trend for gladiator shoes surfaced in 2008 when everyone was sporting a sandal like that.Hill Road is the best option for buying these kind of shoes.












Gladiator shoes worn till the ankle.

7)Sling bags-

Sling bags have been in fashion for a very  long time now. The trend emerging in 2009. The design can be inspired by a messenger bag which is also worn the same way.










They are comfortable and stylish.










Sling bags with chains.