Trekking All The Way!

by tybmmjourno

During the Monsoons, ‘Monsoon Trek’ is something everyone must try especially the ones who love adventure. One such place in Mumbai apt for Trekking is Tungareshwar (Vasai west). This place is known for its scenery, Tungareshwar Temple and the amazing waterfall. From South Mumbai it would take one about three hours to reach, while the trek may go a little beyond an hour depending on the pace. There are two paths to reach the destination the road path or the stream path.

CAUTION: The stream path includes slippery rocks, must wear good footwear. (But it also adds on to the fun)

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The Stream Path and the slippery stones that can make you one hell of a ‘Humpty- Dumpty’


The Road Path- for those who would want to reach the waterfall a little faster ( and safely)

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While on you way to the destination point- The waterfall- you will see many animals like Cows, Goats, Dogs, etc. and insects such as the one above which is known as ‘The Khujli Keeda’ in Hindi, Palm size Spiders, Dragonflies, Grasshopers and many more, which obviously we decided to run away from.

Also you may see many localites fishing and small crabs running on the rocks.



You will come across a small waterfall as you find you way to the top point and the second one is the final one that Tungareshwar is famous for.

While coming back down, the road path is a better option. Also, check out the Tungareshwar Temple which has a lot of monkeys and the local eatery joint outside it.

Alice Peter

Sophia College for Women

Photo Courtesy: Suzanne Mark and Charmaine Fernandes