Finding Talaash…

by tybmmjourno

One man’s journey into the supernatural and death where he finds himself.

One man’s journey into the supernatural and death where he finds himself.

While deciding onto a movie which one would go to see is a weekend deciding task. Money wrongly spent on a single movie ruins 3 hours of a weekend which is priced like a fortune. While deciding we obviously question the cast of the movie. Well if its Amir , Salman or Shahrukh people will not even bother to check up on reviews but will blindly go for it. This weekend Amir Khan did not leave us a choice and Talaash was a yes-yes. Sitting comfortably in the air-conditioned theatre of Metro Big Cinemas looking up at the wide expanse of the screen the movie was a delight to watch. Suspense, thrill and mystery were the backbone of the movie.
A striking feature is the panoramic scenes of Bombay. The movie was shot mostly in the dark giving it a chilling sensation. The opening screen dilated everyone’s eyeballs and kept the audience wondering the co-relation of it till the end. Amir Khan kept the rhythm of the movie going keeping his acting as strict as his nature in the movie. With his scintillating walk and brisk features his character instilled confidence in the Maharashtra police and made us feel that yes! We are safe!.
A surprise in the movie was Kareena Kapoor with her shiny and short dresses coupled with good acting. No doubt she has improved upon her acting a whole lot. Rani Mukherji though not having much of reel space captured everyone through her quiet and pleasant demeanour. Saree surely suits her. Her presence made the movie complete.
Music is the food of anything visual. The background score and the songs emptied our appetite and filled it again. The music mixed with the movie as salt mixes with water. Certain elements like the power of the supernatural, the importance we attach to the death of a commoner and a celebrity and the relationship between a married couple added different shades to the movie.
If we were to bifurcate the movie, like we so generally do, in the terms of heavy or light. It definitely tilts towards the heavier side. For most it will categorise in the one time watch category but for everyone it should fall in the one time Must category.

Nishtha Juneja