by tybmmjourno


I have lived In Bombay for three years and I can safely say, that it Is the best city In the world. I remember coming here as a nervous, dumb and non-assertive girl and have transformed into exactly the opposite in the three years that I have spent over here. I remember my first bus ride. I was commuting alone, was jittery and inquisitive. I was worried whether I will reach college on time. But the bus conductor was very sweet. He gave me Important Information which has helped me to thIs date. “Take any bus except the 80 for Peddar road, It goes to Juhu directly”, he said. It has made my life easier. So now whenever I see the 80 no bus, I know I have to skip It, since it won’t stop at my college. Other people in the bus were and are always helpful; they would always tell me when to get down and when to relax. I learnt how to push myself through people in a bus and how to grab a seat!!….The shopkeepers here are also very cool minded and don’t shout If you forget to pay. They just simply remind you.  Any bystander who sees you in trouble or whom you ask for help will never say a a and will always give you correct Information. Even at stations I’m paranoid about the train I board, but there are hundreds of people to assure me.  I feel so incredibly safe while travelling In trains, It Is amazing. I feel safe whichever area I go, at whatever time, even If I am alone. The level of humility of people here is amazing. I guess it comes from the fact that each one has to travel by the same mode of transport no matter what their status Is. Recently when my mum came to Mumbai, she was boarding a traIn to grant road from Churchgate. Unfortunately before she boarded, she started to experIence terrIble stomach ache. The IntensIty of the ache was so much that she started to feel dIzzy as she sat In the traIn. When people around started notIcIng her, a set of women ImmedIately got up and made her sleep on theIr seat.  One woman took my mum’s bag from her and kept It safe whIle my mother rested. The others got a bottle of water and sweets for her. When the traIn reached grant road my mother was stIll In a bad shape. ThIs Is when the gIrl holdIng her bag saId, “Just follow me, Ill get you a taxI”. at the platform she told my mum to sIt, whIle she went to get the taxI.  And then she put my mum Into the cab wIth her bag. My mum reached my gaurdIan’s house safely. It Is absolutely heartenIng to know that there are people to help my mother In a strange cIty even when I’m not around. I wonder what would have happened, If thIs was a DelhI statIon. I have heard horrIfIc storIes of arrogant, weIrdly behaved and rude cab drIvers In DelhI who take you to any place, If you aren’t alert. I have met taxI drIvers In Bombay who are calm, even when you tell them to take a turn at the places where It’s not allowed. I have met people who have refused strangers to take money from me, even when I’ve shared the cab wIth them. People are frIendly and InstInctIvely helpful. They just don’t hesItate to help. Men are very decent and trustworthy. Elderly people too are very warm. Here personal relatIons don’t matter, what matters here Is to be good. I have learnt from the people of Bombay how to help others, wIthout judgIng.