Role of the United Nation : Peace

by tybmmjourno

Role of the United Nation : Peace

First found on 24th October  1945, the united Nations is an international organization that strives at bringing out peace, human rights, social progress cooperation in international law and much more. It came about replacing the League of Nations to stop wars between countries and to provide a platform for a dialogue. It aims at reducing outbreaks in conflicts and a tries to bring an end to poverty and hunger. The United Nations thus contributes directly or indirectly to prevent conflicts. It plays a key role in promoting peace.There are some UN organisations that help to promote peace. Like, the UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund contributes in protecting rights of children. It has preventive measures to help children in developing countries and uses protective actions to help children in times of war when they victimised the most.

Education is of paramount importance for the welfare of the nation and therefore it is important for children to be educated. Children  ensure a country’s future. And hence it is important that children are not mistreated to develop a country and to prevent as much as possible the outburst of conflicts in the future. The UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund also helps to promote peace by developing information programs for women, with special regards to sex education.  It specially provides women with all necessary information and resources that are needed which in turn allows them to make well informed decisions which eventually contributes to a better management of the population.The World Health Organisation, WHO, strives to bring scientific cooperation in health matters and supports to reinforce health systems and assists governments which ask for emergency aid.  This provision helps to reduce physical and psychological health issues.

The WFP, the World Food Programme is another organisation that promotes better nutrition by using food aid to support economic and social development. It is supported by the the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  which helps to foster greater agricultural productivity, by eradicating hunger and poverty around the world as hunger and poverty are two important factors in the outbreak of conflicts.These organisations of the united nations  therefore attempt  to prevent conflicts and have a world that is free of violence.

Furthermore, the United Nations has established Millennium Development Goals. These goals help countries to build on their challenges. There are seven Millennium Development Goals. These include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger; achieving universal primary education; promoting gender equality and empowering women; reducing child mortality rates; improving maternal health; HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; ensuring environmental sustainability and developing a global partnership for development.In maintaining in peace the United Nations further aims to protect human rights and provide humanitarian concern. The United Nations also provides technical assistance in elections, helps to improve judicial structures and draft constitutions, trains human rights officials, and provides food, drinking water, shelter, and other humanitarian services to peoples displaced by famine, war, and natural disaster.

The Security Council is the main organization of the United Nations that is dedicated to resolve the conflicts and make peace. The security when confronted with a problem of threat for international peace and security, tries to resolve it peacefully acting as a mediator in cases of armed conflict and act as ceasefire. The Security Council has also authorized member States to use all the necessary means to keep  peace, including collective military action.It thus came about to equip itself with the institutions needed to prevent and resolve international conflicts and help build a culture of peace in the world.