Will there ever be an end to the this conflict?

by tybmmjourno

Will there ever be an end to the this conflict?

The Israel – Palestine conflict is a deep-rooted conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians that dates back to the nineteenth century and turned violent in 1920. The struggle between  the two began when Jews started migrating in significant numbers to Palestine under Ottoman Turkish rule. A small, extremist group of religious fundamentalist Jews who believe in the Old Testament, that Israel and the occupied territories belongs, by right, to the Jews. And the only solution is for Palestinians to give up all claims of ownership. Israel however being a liberal democracy has been ruling by coalition government. And  the Middle East is currently fighting for liberal democracy.

The struggle between the two later led to  a number of issues like mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlements etc. The violence amounted from this conflict has lead to  international actions, as well as other security and human rights concerns, both within and between both sides, and internationally.

The Palestinian National Authority separated and split into two groups. Fatah in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza strip. Hamas a militant who is in control of the Gaza, aims at destroying Israel.  This rivalry in the Palestine territories between the two groups has basically formed to two administrations leaving Fatah party controlling the West Bank and Hamas controlling Gaza. Hamas has rejected to create peace with Israel and has renounced violence. The Palestinians occupy fifty percent in the West Bank and Gaza occupies 2.1 million of refuges who live in crowded camps. The socio-economic conditions in Gaza is getting worst and the increasing population is dependent on food aid.  Though the roadmap called for a stop to Israeli settlement activity, Israel continues to build within settlements in the West Bank and in Arab East Jerusalem.

Despite of a number of attempts there is no end to conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians and neither any settlement. Moreover, the Road Map for Peace, a peace proposal that was put forth by the United Nations, Europe, Russia and United States of America has not been achieved.

The agreement signed in May 2011 by the Fatah and Hamas to form a unity government failed since Israel acclaimed that it would reject the government that included Hamas.

The life in these territories is only deteriorating.

In the end of 2008, Israel initiated a major operation in Gaza which was one of the biggest in offensive, killing hundreds including several civilians in order to stop the Hamas militants from firing rockets in the Jewish state.

Both the sides merely get together to come to a conclusion. The rivalry by both the ends only increases violence and serves no purpose. Life in the both the territories is only getting worst.

What can be done to stop this conflict? Enough of bloodshed now. When will this war come to an end?

I think it’s time Israel and Palestine start working together rather than dwelling on the past.