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Not watching Barfi would be a crime!

Barfi is worth watching!

Barfi! Yes, Barfi! Every other person I met was going gaga over Barfi. All I heard was ‘Did you watch Barfi? If not, go watch it. Missing Barfi would be a crime.’ Finally, on Sunday,  My friends and I decided to go and watch Barfi. We visited three multiplexes i.e. Inox at Nariman Point, Metro at Churchgate and PVR in Phoneix (Lower Parel) to buy tickets but we failed to get tickets. But this didn’t stop us from trying other theatres. We didn’t give up. We decided to give a try to the single screen theatres. We visited Roxy- located at Charni Road. The first-two rows (Silver row) tickets were available. Yes, they were available. Without thinking twice, we purchased the tickets. Yes, U read it right! We bought tickets of the second row from the screen.  This is how desperate we were to watch the movie.

The writer-director Anurag Basu creates a master piece. It is a typical Indian –Bollywood style of film with mixtures of love, funny, a love triangle, fearing of loosing someone special; the movie has few dialogues and is episodic yet has managed to grab many eye balls. The story is based in Darjeeling, 1970, about a guy Murphy (Ranbir Kapoor) who is mistaken as Barfi, is dumb and deaf. He falls in love with Shruti (Ileana DaCruz) who belongs from a well-to-do family from Kolkata. Like typical Bollywood movie, Shruti, despite being engaged to a rich guy, falls in love with Barfi but finally decides to spend her entire life with the rich guy. Now enters, an autistic girl named Jilmil Chatterjee (Priyanka Chopra) who hardly has any dialogues in the entire movie because Barfi plays a character of a deaf and dumb guy. Anurag Basu nailed the characters of both the leads. As expected, Jilmil envy’s Shruti. She disappears from Barfi’s life to teach him a lesson. Since, Bollywood movies are known for happy endings, Barfi also ends with a happy note. Barfi and Jilmil get married in the end.

The high point of the movie is the opening sequence, where Anurag Basu introduces Barfi. When one watches the character of Barfi, without a doubt, one surely recalls Charlie Chaplin. Ranbir Kapoor does full justice to the role (Charlie Chaplin) he plays in the opening sequence. Secondly, when Barfi proposes Shruti and expresses his anger (with his actions and expressions) on Shruti for choosing the rich guy over Barfi is another high point of the movie. Ranbir Kapoor proves that ‘Actions speak louder than words.’


Ranbir Kapoor as Barfi: It is a delight to watch Ranbir in the entire movie. He does full justice to his role. One just cannot stop praising him for his acting skills. He definitely is the next superstar of the Bollywood. I was so lost in watching Ranbir that I did not pay much attention to the storyline; that’s how good he is in the movie.

Priyanka Chopra as Jilmil: Often, people say that she is lucky enough to bag in good movies and roles but fails when it comes to acting. By essaying the role of Jilmil, Priyanka has definitely shut down everyone’s mouth. Though her role is too small with very few dialogues, still she has managed to win many hearts.

Ileana DaCruz as Shruti: It is pleasant to watch the newcomer in the industry. She definitely has worked hard to essay her role and has succeeded to a certain extent. She definitely has the potential to give tough competition to other new comers in the industry. She has fairly done a good job.


One must definitely not miss Barfi. Both, Ranbir and Priyanka have done full justice to their roles; they should definitely win the best actor and actress award. Not to forget Anurag Basu for making such a beautiful piece. I must say- Thank You Anurag Basu for giving us Barfi.

I give 4 stars to the movie.

Ruchi Nandu- TYBMM


The Sweetness of ‘Barfi’ is Magical


Image Image

Cast:      Ranbir Kapoor- Barfi
Priyanka Chopra- Jhilmil Chatterjee
Illeana D’cruz- Shruti

Some thought of Barfi to be an average love story that will do an OKAY job at the box office, but this film happens to be a surprise package. Anurag Basu has the potential of amazing you with every movie he does. With this film his talent comes to the fore very evidently. Barfi is a beautifully woven love triangle in its ‘purest form’, an unusual one with a mixture of ingredients- Comedy, Romance, Grief, a little bit of Suspense and the garnish of a ‘Happy Ending’. The story jumps from one time period to another. Anurag Basu has managed to do it wonderfully, in a manner that was not like a halting story but one with a flow. Somehow, the parts of the story are interconnected and not in a way that would confuse the audience. Brownie Points for that!

The film revolves around a speech-and-hearing challenged boy Murphy, which he pronounces as Barfi, who falls in love with a pretty young girl, Shruti (Illeana). After spending time with her and showing her a part of life she did not expect to see, they do end up not being together as she is engaged. He then falls in love with Jhilmil, an Autistic. Despite their disabilities they manage to communicate and create a special bond. The story moves from being a love story to a mysterious middle and ‘Live and Die together’ ending.  The ending may seem to be a sad one from Shruti’s point of view but from Barfi’s view it’s a happy one.

In the film, one thing you may notice evidently is the flawless effort of Ranbir as a jovial lad- who tries to make and keep everyone happy. Be it at times, when he is hurt or heartbroken he still puts a smile on his face. When he does something that may be ethically wrong- like theft or entering a goods train to give the goods away to the poor, it does not seem wrong at all. His optimism despite the shortcomings make him unique and special.

Ranbir and Priyanka’s act leaves you speechless. Illeana D’cruz, who makes her debut with this film, has done a great job as an actress and also as a narrator. She successfully leads the story and not get overshadowed by her co-stars, who are established actors. The film manages to keep you spellbound in its world. What makes this film a rather different one is that this is a love story of two people, who cannot communicate in the way you and I would usually.

Highlights of the film:

The opening scene where Ranbir tries to run away from the cops reminds you of Charlie Chaplin. That’s how well he essayed his character.

The scene where Ranbir expresses how hurt he is through hand gestures to Illeana- is done so perfectly that one can understand each and every word he would say if he could.

Reasons to watch this movie:

If you are a Ranbir fan, then this is a must watch, as his ability of making you cry with what he is trying to say even without saying is applaud able. His eyes express grief, anger and happiness brilliantly.

Priyanka’s acting is completely different from the glam roles she did in the past. You get to see the potential of the actress here.

This film has a good chance of being the movie of the year. With the splendid performance by Ranbir and especially Priyanka, whose role was a much more difficult one than Ranbir’s, the actors have created a standard and set the bar high not only for others but also for themselves.

Alice Peter,

TYBMM Journalism,

Sophia College for Women

Tiger, tiger, burning bright – an Ek Tha Tiger review

A still from Ek Tha Tiger

I entered to watch this film with little expectation. Bodyguard had been a tiresome fare, with me being unable to sit through all of it. Ek Tha Tiger, much like its titular character and the regal feline, sprung a reasonably pleasant surprise.

Rating: ***

Tiger (Salman Khan) is an efficient, calculative RAW agent with dangerous levels of workaholism and a knack for making excellent ‘daal’. He impresses his boss Shenoy (Girish Karnad) and intrigues his neighbours (who can never quite make sense of his long absence and injuries). After recuperating from a physically taxing assignment (which makes for a cinematically captivating opening), Tiger is sent for a comparatively lighter mission to Ireland, where he is to keep a close eye on the activities of a reclusive professor. Prof. Kidwai (Roshan Seth) is suspected of leaking sensitive information to the Pakistani intelligence.

Tiger introduces himself as Manish Chandra, an Indian writer who is keen to write a biography on the Professor. The latter’s consent allows Tiger to observe him from close quarters. However, it is the Professor’s house-help Zoya who invites more than a cursory glance from the superspy.

The mission is relegated to the sidelines as Tiger begins to enjoy his quiet moments with her. Love inevitably follows, though it seems one-sided when Zoya steps away from him after he professes his love for her. Very soon though, Tiger understands why.

Zoya puts up more than a convincing front as a house-help cum dance student than Tiger does as a writer (“You do not have the hands of a writer,” Zoya remarks in a restaurant scene, a slight hint to her abilities beyond mere observation). She is an ISI agent. A very capable one too, as our heart-broken protagonist realises when he catches her swiping important information from Prof. Kidwai’s research onto her hard drive.

Torn between love and duty, Tiger spares her life though the ISI field operative who attempts to attack him at that fateful moment is not so fortunate. The mission ends but the feelings linger. Difficult to ignore, yet impossible to reciprocate. More so, when you are on the opposite sides of a fiercely guarded border.

“There are 201 countries in the world,” says Shenoy through gritted teeth in one scene, “and he had to find a Pakistani girl.”

The two agents struggle to escape their cloistered organisations. What follows are wild chases across grimy locales which explode into a volcanic climax thoroughly befitting the espionage genre.

Ek Tha Tiger is Kabir Khan’s third film after Kabul Express (2006) and New York (2009). Despite directing a spy thriller, he keeps to his trademark realism even if it is embellished by the flamboyance of the Yash Raj banner.

The action scenes are reminiscent of the Bourne franchise, choreographed as they are by Conrad E. Palmisano (a Hollywood man), Markos Rounthwaite (part of the award winning stunt team for the Bourne Ultimatum) and Pervez Feroz (action director for Kurbaan) should take a bow for weaving together an engaging crisscross of high octane action, instead of a dizzying handheld blur.

The lighter scenes are a delight too, with Tiger wooing Zoya, convincing Prof. Kidwai to allow him to “be a constant companion” around him (“Have you come to write a book on me or to marry me?” counters the amused academician). Also look out for the scene where he remains oblivious to the curiosity he arouses in his neighbourhood regarding his profession.

Together, the drama, comedy and action work as a cohesive  story-telling structure. A love of story of two agents on opposing fronts may seem like vaguely familiar territory (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Tourist, a few James Bond films like Goldfinger as well). But it is still a first for Hindi cinema. The writers (Kabir Khan, Neelesh Misra) could have very well made it into a Shakespearean tragedy but instead chose to keep the plot light yet tense – a delicate balance.

Simple too, in the opinion of this reviewer, for the filmmaker has for a good part of the film refrained from using pretentious jargon like “Alpha Q to Mother Hen, we have a 4-7-9 with us.”

The performances were also quite a surprise, with Salman Khan giving a restrained performance after a long time. Double entendres and the tapori appeal have traded place with the suaveness of an intelligence agent. Katrina Kaif does justice to a role that is tailor-made for her, the accent being explained away as a part of her character’s British upbringing. Ranvir Shorey delivers a wonderful performance as Tiger’s RAW contact in Ireland. Watch out for his voiceover in the opening montage of the film describing the constant conflict between RAW and ISI, which effectively set the mood for the film. The snippets could have well belonged to a Hollywood blockbuster or the extended opening to Person of Interest. Girish Karnad, Roshan Seth and everybody else in the cast provide able support.

Ek Tha Tiger is not a stimulating piece of intellectual cinema. It is an unapologetic entertainer. And a very good one at that. The story requires a little suspension of disbelief, but not the complete absence of the all-essential brain. Considering the tripe the industry has been doling out (et tu, Agent Vinod), this film is a welcome change. Do watch on the big screen. Keep the DVD as memento.


Film Review: VICKY DONOR

Director: Shoojit Sircar

Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam, Annu Kapoor

Scriptwriter: Juhi Chaturvedi

Cinematographer: Kamljeet Negi

Producers: John Abraham, Ronnie Lahiri, Ram Mirchandani and Eros International

Poster of Vicky Donor

Country like ours where sex is a taboo, anything related to it, is a taboo too. Hence, making a film on sperm donation is a very gutsy thing. Even though film revolves around this controversial topic, it is a “family entertainer”.

JA Entertainment (John Abraham), Rampage Motion Pictures (Ram Mirchandani), Rising Suns Films (Ronnie Lahiri) and Eros International’s Vicky Donor is about a young man who turns into sperm donor to make some money.

Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a lazy, jobless, typically Punjab boy who believes in living life king size. He stays in refugee colony of Delhi with his mother (Dolly Ahluwalia), who runs a beauty parlour, and his paternal grandmother, Biji (Kamlesh Gill), who wants to own iphone with 32 GB and 42” LCD Television. He is persuaded by Dr. Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor), a “certified” infertility doctor, to donate his “waste” sperms. Dr. Chaddha tell him that he is an Aryan race and doctor wants such young man like him (Vicky) who can help him to save his clinic. After much resistance, Vicky gets ready to donate sperm but makes it clear that he is not doing for charity but to earn extra money.

Meanwhile, Vicky meets Bengali banker, Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam). Later both fell in love and eventually get married. The way their love story takes a flow is very sweet and you somewhat relate yourself with it.  Since, Vicky is in a work which is not considered good and is look down; it is hidden from his family and love. But twist comes when his truth is out and then starts the tragic part.

The casting is very good. VJ Ayushmann Khurrana has proved that he has a talent and he can be a great actor if given chance. Every genre of his character be it comedy, romance or tragedy, has been played with an ease by Ayushmann. Acting comes to him naturally. Even the leading lady Yami Gautam has proved her potential. She is a pleasure to eyes to be watched. She has carried her role with a charm. What makes film superb is its supporting cast. Annu Kapoor with his special hand gesture for sperms has been the perfect choice as Dr. Chaddha. He has taken the film to another level. Even the casting of the family members of the couple has been the right choice. Every character in the film has given good details.

Director, Shoojit Sircar has created an aura around ever character. He has been successful in making a film with such a taboo topic with perfect comedy timing but no awkward moments. This is a film which works on performance and direction. But the backbone of the film is script, Juhi Chaturvedi has written a film, which is full of romance, comedy, bit of tragedy and which will touch your heart.

If we talk about music, then it is very peppy and lively. “Rum Whiskey” a Bhangra number, with special entry of co-producer John Abraham, can be a hit in discos. Even slow songs like “Pani da Rang” and “Mar Jaiyan” are treat to ears.

After a very long time we have seen a movie which is refreshing, funny, warm and sensible, in all, a complete entertaining.


– Anusha Pathak

TYBMM Journalism

Sophia College.